Guild Halls

Every Guild Hall has a large crystal at it’s Core, which thrums with the power of the guild and the surrounding city. When Delvers acquire objects of planar energy, or Relics, and place them in the guild’s vault, they can feed that resonant energy into the Guild Core, thereby increasing the power of their guild.
This additional power can be used to upgrade the physical structure of the Guild Hall, which will in turn provide additional benefits to Guild Members.

All Guild Halls possess the following qualities as a baseline:
Size: 10* (2 full/8 available)
PL: 2
Rooms: Guild Core, Vault

*1 point of size represents an area of about 625 square feet (1 room, 25’ on a side, for example), although this attribute is fairly abstracted – most rooms are considered size 1. The number of rooms that can be added to a Hall are limited by the available size.


Each recovered Relic placed in a Guild vault adds Guild Energy (GE), which can be used to upgrade the Guild Hall by adding rooms or other bonuses. Changes to the building are carried out promptly by the Dabus that maintain the city -changes take 12 hours to complete for every point of Energy used to make the upgrade.

Size Increase: (1 GE) Add 2 points to the Guild Hall’s size, allowing for additional rooms to be added to the Guild. This can represent the Guild annexing a neighboring building, vertical growth, or subterranean excavation.
Progress Level Increase: (new PLx2 GE) Increase the PL of the Guild Hall and nearby area of the city by 1. In addition to making higher PL equipment easier to purchase, this also affects a cosmetic change (oil lamps are replaced by electric lighting, a library might be converted into a computer lab, etc.)

Portal Upgrades: Rather than searching the city and outlands for portals to the Prime Material, Guilds can build their own portal generator. There are also several upgrades available to aid the Guild’s plane-hopping.

Professional Space: The Guild Hall can include Crafting workshops and Professional Studios, allowing members to earn money and create resources.

Amenities: There are several minor amenities available, such as rooms for housing, training, or relaxation.

Guild Halls

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