The Dark

“The Dark” is a bit of slang common in Sigil meaning “information”, what other cultures might call the “low-down” or “the skinny”.

Here are the rumors that have made their way to Guild 109:

The Mercy-killers are looking for an alchemist named Dellit Morcari. Safana sitt’Hiyad has expressed interest in him, too.

The Bent Blades and Korda’s Cut-throats have been feuding for weeks. The Harmonium wants to end the fighting – by any means necessary.

The Torpedo Room has re-opened. It closed down after a number of patrons contracted filth fever. The owner wants to know who cost him so much jink.

A berk over at a divey bar called the Hag’s Cask claims he knows where to find a portal to a treasure vault. His asking price is steep, but if he’s being honest, it’s well worth it.

Missing Bodies: Someone was keeping the Dustmen from collecting bodies for release into their final death. A few members of Guild 109 tracked down a necromancer in a hidden lair underneath Xib’s Garret in the Hive. They put the mage down and freed his enslaved minion, Jurhial.

The Dark

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