Guild 109

Guild Crest
109 guild crest

The newest guild within the city does not yet have a name or a defined crest, although it would be relatively simple for a representative of the Guild to designate either.

The Guild Roster

Ajax – A Grecian Satyr
Alan – An English Longbowman
Alice Liddell – Who went through the looking glass
Amelia Earhart – Yes, that one.
Brigga – A Dwarven Cleric of Hearth and Home
Cooter Wayne Stansfield – A Tennessee Good-ol-Boy
Craddosk – A Trandoshan Mandalorian
Elle – A Modern-Day EMT
Ghut – A Troll
Jalaraskrin – A Tome Dragon
Neer-Lee Z. Hunter – An Undead-Hunting Hobbit
Nualla – A Young Lux’an
Sektokahl – An Illumian Wanderer
Suzume Nengen – A Shape-Shifting Magical Bird
Tsolete “Calque” Mafela – A South African Spy

The Guild Hall

  • Size: 10 (3 used / 7 available)
  • Progress Level: 2 (Middle Ages)
  • Guild Energy: 5 (3 unspent)
  • Rooms:
    • Guild Core
    • Portal Generator
    • Vault

Recovered Relics

Statue of the Green Man – Wisconsin, 1921
Phoenix Statuette – Gifted by Safana sitt’Hiyad
Crystal of Dire Winter – Ryllsdale, Faerun

Guild 109

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