Delvers' Guilds

Within the city of Sigil, there are 109 Delvers’ Guilds, organizations of adventurers who travel from plane to plane collecting wealth, knowledge, and items of resonant planar energy.

For reasons known only to her, the Lady of Pain has decreed that there shall always be exactly 109 active guilds within the city – if a Guild disbands or is destroyed, another immediately forms, drawing to it individuals from throughout the planes. Guilds are maintained by the Dabus, marking them clearly as part of the official structure of the city, and as the Delvers acquire objects of planar resonance (often called “Relics”), they are able to use the planar energy to change and augment their Guild Hall.

Known Guilds:

-Guild 109 (fka The Sundered Spire): The newest guild within the city does not yet have a name or a defined crest (it currently appears as an off-white circle set within a slightly larger circle of the same color).

Delvers' Guilds

The Delvers' Guild Alatheon