Suzume Nengen

Anthropomorphic Sparrow Spellcaster From Feudal Japan


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Created using the D&D 3.5 and Oriental Adventures Players Handbooks, with minor Pathfinder tweaks to fit the CMB/CMD and Skill sections. Example: Wizard & Wu Jen skills are nearly identical in 3.5, so I used the wizard skill list from Pathfinder for this character.

While the hengeyokai race was used from the OA book, Nengen’s natural state is as an anthropomorphic sparrow. Therefore, his hybrid state will be his natural state.


Based out of a universe similar (yet so very different) than our own, Suzume Nengen (Suzume: “Sparrow,” Nengen: bastardization of “Human” & “Twisting”) is an upstart wu jen in 1612 Japan. While still relatively unskilled in most spells, he has earned acclaim by finding a spell that will not only allow him to shift between his natural and animal form, but also to transform into a mythical “Ningen,” or, in Common, “human.”

As both Chaotic Good and a wu jen from the early stages of the Edo period, Nengen sees Buddhism as a religion followed more out of habit than with any real meaning. He also has difficulty following the particular tenets of the then-rising Neo-Confucianism and Restoration Shinto. For the most part he is unaligned religiously, but still follows the honor codes and avoids particular taboos both out of habit and as part of his wu jen training.

While his studies are still in their early stages, Nengen has developed quite a spellbook. He can do any prestidigitation without the need of the various somatic gestures associated with them. In addition, he can occasionally harden his feathers into a hard armor, turn his long scarf into a deadly weapon, or cause objects to explode in painful bursts.

Suzume Nengen

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