It’s Like The Fan-Fic a Crazy Person Would Write!

In the darkness of a long-forgotten crypt, a magical portal flares to life. A figure darts through, her jackboots clicking sofly on the dusty floor; Amilia Earhart checks the safety on her pistol, scanning the room for hidden threats with her magically enhanced vision. Behind her, Zatoichi, the blind swordsman, and Kunta Kinte, Jedi Knight, cautiously emerge from the arcane doorway. On Earhart’s all-clear, the cheerful voice of Twilight Sparkle echoes through the chamber. “This crypt holds a relic of Orcus, and our client wants it destroyed. Expect considerable resistance, but it shouldn’t be anything we can’t handle.” The purple unicorn exits the portal and closes it behind her. “Let’s get this done.”

The Setup

Use any d20 book you want to make your character. They won’t be balanced. That’s fine. The goal is fun, treasure, and restoring the glory of a fallen Guild. Your character has stumbled through a doorway to Sigil, the city at the center of the multi-verse, and is apparently member of a Delvers’ Guild – an organization of mercenaries and treasure hunters.

Here is a guide to building a character to take part in this madness.

The current members of the guild are here, and more keeping finding their way into Sigil.

The Guild has started to gain some Planar Energy, and can begin to grow. Here’s how that works.

The Delvers' Guild

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