Here are the books available from the house collection:

Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder: Of course, this one’s in here. Fantasy Characters will probably want to use this book.

d20 Modern/d20 Future: This covers our bases for other broad categories. If your character is from any time period after the Age of Reason, this setting can cover your bases.

Now things get more specific:

Oriental Adventures: This is a D&D sourcebook, covering rules for characters with an Eastern Flavor. The book also includes d20 rules for the Legend of the 5 Rings.

Swashbuckling Adventures: This book lets you build a pirate, a musketeer, a highwayman or anything else with panache. Adapted to be the 7th Sea d20 book, the book is not limited to that setting.

Nyambe: African characters and adventures

Ravenloft: D&D setting with Gothic Horror themes

Masque of the Red Death: A Ravenloft subset, in a Victorian Europe beset with supernatural threats.

Silver Age Sentinels: Super Heroes! Gamma Rays, Gadgets, or Grimoires – whatever the source of your Metahuman’s powers, this book can cover it.

Red Star: A d20 adaptation of the graphic novel from 2000, this book lets you play in an alternate world where the Cold War is infused with Sorcery and Science Fiction tech.

Star Wars: Enough Said.


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