Professional Space

Guilds can use their energy to build professional shops and workspaces. When a guild has a Professional Space, in addition to the obvious benefits of a shop with all the necessary tools for a given profession or craft, it also provides income for guild members trained in the associated profession. Trained characters have a minimum Wealth Score equal to their ranks (not their total bonus) in the chosen skill.

This is only a partial list of possible professional rooms, and some Amenities might also serve as Professional spaces.
Unless otherwise noted, all professional spaces require 2 Guild Energy (GE) and have a size of 1.

Alchemy Lab (Craft: Alchemy) – This room allows guild members to craft and refine alchemical tools and consumables, as well as magical potions.

Brewery (Profession: Brewer)

Enchanting Lab (3 GE, Spellcraft) – This room contains all the tools needed to imbue items with magical power (although not to create the item itself). A character must also possess an Item Creation feat to gain the Wealth Bonus from this room.

Farm (Profession: Farmer)

Sculpting Studio (Craft: Sculpture)

Smithy (Craft: Weapons or Craft: Armor)

Scrivener’s (Profession: Scribe)

Professional Space

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