Portal Upgrades

Portal Generator: (2 GE, Size 1) Guilds with their own portals do not need to rely on tracking down portals “in the wild” in order to find power or wealth, they can instead instruct their guild Portal to search for either Wealth or Relics. The downside is that there is no good way to know what’s on the other side. Only one portal can be open at a time, and can stay open for up to 36 hours. It takes considerable energy to open a portal, so a Guild’s Portal Generator can only be used once every seven days.

Return Beacon: (1 GE) With a return beacon, Guild members can use their Guild Key to determine the shortest path to a portal that will return them to Sigil to which they have a key (which is usually, but not always, the portal they came through). This function works whether the Delver created a portal via the Guild Hall or traveled through a naturally occurring portal.

Portal Analyzer: (1 GE) A Portal Analyzer allows Delvers to determine the environment on the other side of a Portal created via the Guild’s Portal Generator, including temperature, Progress Level, and Planar Traits (as described in the Manual of the Planes).

Portal Recharger: (1 GE) The portal recharger allows the Portal Generator to function more often, able to create a portal once every 5 days (instead of once every seven days, as per normal).

Camouflage Glamer: (2 GE) With a Camouflage Glamer, any Delver who travels through a Guild Portal will be wrapped in an illusion, bringing their appearance into line with the Progress Level and culture of the Portal’s destination. For example, a Wizard who travels into a PL 5 civilization might appear to be in a sharp suit rather than his elaborate robes, or a Space Marine in feudal Japan might find her Power Armor glamered to resemble a samurai’s lamellar armor.

Portal Archive: (2 GE) The portal archive is able to recall and reproduce the planar coordinates of any Portal previously created by the Guild’s Portal Generator.

Portal Upgrades

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