The Delvers' Guild

The Lost Partner
The search for a lost art dealer uncovers a nest of brain-slugs

Active Guild Agents:
Amelia Earhart
Suzume Nengen
Tsolete “Calque” Mafela
Alice Liddell
Neer-Lee Z Hunter

Guild 109 took a job to locate a missing person – Natalen, partner to an art dealer in the Market Ward. The client, a wispling named Lotivar Eng, has promised a Guild Relic called the Idol of Averted Gazes in exchange for her safe return. The Idol has notable guild power, but takes a toll on the psyche of anyone who touches it or gazes too long at its aberrant shape.

Natelen was being led to a possible find by Jenner, who had helped the two wisplings locate objects of value in the past. When she did not return, Lotivar began to worry for her safety and let word get around that he needed assistance from one of the 109.

The 109er’s tracked her to a portal below the ruined Cathedral of Hammers, where they learned from an alchemist named Ka’resh that there was a strange gang of people apparently enslaved by a race of creatures he called “Puppeteers”. He told them that a Half-Ogre discovered the portal a short time ago and began adding the numbers of the puppets enslaved by the creatures. About a week prior, the puppets tried to bring Ka’resh under their sway, but the alchemist was able to repel them with this psionic abilities.

The Guild got a few doses of an alchemical mist from Ka’resh and fought their way through the portal’s tiefling guardians, but were too battered to continue on. They persuaded Ka’resh to craft more of the psionic-nullifying mist and withdrew to the guild-hall, hoping to return to the task at full strength.

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